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Our Mission

One Sem highlights deep connections between Middle Eastern traditions in food, language, heritage & music

The Samaritan Cookbook is our first food project, a living bridge between Israeli and Palestinian cuisine featuring an ancient Levantine community who represent the convergence of the two historical narratives.


Our initiative began over a dozen years ago with the launch of the 2008 One Semitistan Mixtape album that brought together a mix of musical talent from the Hebrew and Arabic spheres.


We also have an ongoing linguistic and educational venture presenting the incredible overlap between the roots of two main Semitic languages.


We are fascinated by the commonality of our ancestors' legacies in the realms of history and heritage, including traits like clothing and design.


Our work seeks to transcend divisions by focusing on shared culture. We don’t deny the relevance of politics, but our objective is to cultivate spaces where interaction revolves around similar customs and vocabulary.  


In turbulent times, we derive positive energy from catalyzing a movement that embraces unity and intertwined roots.

Semitic roots
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